December 17, 2006

in a nuts' hell

it's 5:20 am right now and i'm up painting these:

i fell asleep around nine pm, but got up around one or so. so i paced, watched primer (very good!), read issue #7 of desolation jones (ellis ugh, zezelj does his usual on art), issue #1 of grant morrison's new authority (writing so-so, art serious ugh), leafed through the fourth tpb of gotham central... and here i am, painting little hazelnuts. but it pays the bills. or it will, in four to six months. good news is, if all goes well with this and the stuff i did since september (i.e. if i go and break some fingers and make them pay for the damn stuff), i don't have to work for the next six months, at least. of course, storyboards and stuff is always there, but i'll have the option of saying "no thanks".

this stuff oughta be finished by early monday morning, then i can finally go do some real arty stuff - three pages to ink, got some new brushes yesterday, it'll be a treat.

soundtrack: clint mansell - the fountain soundtrack

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