December 24, 2006

another million years

finally finished this four-pager (it took a million years). some things are ok, some are not, but i'll be drawing something else in a couple of days. i'm thinking i could even serialize it here... we'll see. here's some bits and pieces:

oh, and merry christmas everyone!

soundtrack: lowrider - ode to io


Tally said...

What is that? Comic for Q strip or something else? - Tally

PS. Inaće STO MU GROMOVA!_0 je tiskan i čeka distribuciju. Gdje i kada da ti dostavim tvoje primjerke? Jesi završio naslovnice Martin Milana?

Maxetormer said...

Nice sequential, and thanks for
posting some of the pencils on the
previous posts, those are always
interesting to see.

tonci said...

tally: for Q, yes.
max: thanks, and no prob. i do post them for the very same reason.