November 21, 2006

two days till...

hello. CRS / funny comics show starts on this friday, and since the posters aren't plastered all over town yet, i figured i could put it up here for starters. the big change this year is the switch from being in SC to ZKM (zagrebacko kazaliste mladih, teslina 7). feel free to send this pic around to anyone who you think might be interested. the official site for the festival is at

in other news, i just got home ten minutes ago, so i didn't get to draw much. though, got some nice books today- dear john, the alex toth doodle book looks great, and the same thing goes for gipi's they found the car. since it was cheap, i also picked up the heavy metal special with all three albums of sky doll. dunno is it readable, but looks pretty good (barbuci&canepa - same guys who did witch, the magazine for kids). picked up dusty star #1 for pretty much the same reason.
now to finish watching 400 blows, then bed!

p.s. since i already wrote a novel here, here's a shameless plug - a few of my drawings (and a bunch of others by interesting people) are on auction here, so take a peek. but hurry - only 20-ish hours left!

soundtrack: jeff buckley - grace

1 comment:

Matthew Forsythe said...

skydoll is actually very readable. don't usually go in for that sort of thing; but i really enjoyed the story.

and the art speaks for itself.