November 23, 2006


just found this out on flickr - a wonderful noel sickles gallery! one of the best comic book artist in history, so check it out. it's a damn shame that noone seems to care enough to make a book about him. anyway, here's a couple of more pics, and an interview. the comic journal had a good interview in #242, along with a gallery. also, the fall 2004 issue of draw magazine - good article with lots of pics. the first two issues of big fun comics had some scorchy smith strips too; i don't think these are the same as the ones that came out in some issues of kitchen sink's steve canyon magazine.

i don't feel comfortable posting anything mine in the same post, so till tomorrow...

soundtrack: buffy - once more with feeling

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Jake said...

hey man
it's great to see you crankin' things out. get on AIM sometime.