November 30, 2006

positive tension

just bought some paper! hurrah! i can start drawing comics now. it's been months.

movie rant follows:
the other day i went to see children of men at the cinema, but came late, so saw
babel instead. since it's the same people who did 21 grams (which blew me away earlier this year), i was expecting something great, which it sadly isn't (and it's not getting any better in retrospect). i remember reading about it on the internet, with people saying it's the best multi-layered movie of the year. well, having three stories doesn't necessarily make it multi-layered. it worked in 21 grams, but after seeing babel, and tres entradas de melquiades estrada (dir. by tommy lee jones, same screenwriter - guillermo arriaga), i think the man desperately needs to write a proper straightforward movie. he's kinda using the whole disjointed time thing to cover for a bleak story. so blah.
children of men, on the other hand, is straight, and it's one of the best movies in the past few years. everything's top notch, noone's trying to be supersmart and cool, and it's filmed just incredibly. i have no idea how they managed to pull off those 3-4 minute long spectacular shots. a lot of long shots! anyway, any dork who thought v for vendetta was good should see this. real oppression, real brutality. i'll go see it again tomorrow.

i promise less movie fanboyism and more art stuff soon.

soundtrack: clint mansell - the fountain soundtrack

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Reel Fanatic said...

I couldn't stand The Melquiades Estrada movie, but I was definitely charmed by "Babel" ... Haven't gotten to see "Children of Men" yet, but it's high on my list for the end of the year