October 19, 2006


another huge scan - click to enlarge. this and the sketch below are a few that i forgot to post. the latter one is the only one i liked from an evening of sketching in this cartoony style. i guess i've grown to appreciate this kind of realistic, yet heavily stylized drawing more during the last year, especially seeing some drawings by animation greats.

since i'm already using this fancy layout, i guess i'll have to fill up with some text too, about... movies and comics. the first batch of books from amazon arrived, and jeffrey brown is the biggest surprise of the lot. "I am going to be small" is incredibly funny (and canadian), and it was a good bluff, since i never read any of his stuff. thomas herpich's Gongwanadon is very nice, and somewhat disturbing. i also ordered Cusp but it's not here yet. Sexy voice and Robo is ok, but didn't really make my jaw drop. the second batch should, since there's paul pope's new book in there, and also james jean's Process recess. oh, and i bought a great book of gustav klimt's drawings and watercolors the other day. striking stuff!¨
... how high is this pic on the right, anyway? ah well- i'm off to see Babel now, a new movie by alejandro gonzales innaritu; since "21 grams" blew me away, i'm looking out for anything by him (bought "amorres perros" the other day). saw "tokyo godfathers" this morning, also great stuff. some sick animators there.

beuh, i feel stupid writing this much, so i'll just run and go see the movie. cheers.


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Nice work!!!

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