September 02, 2006

in a nuts' hell

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another doodle from bed. don't know about you, but i often get bogged down in details and anatomy and inking and whatever and forget to appreciate the wonderful thing comics are. it usually takes a documentary or watching someone draw to make me look at it without the petty detail and cynicism i've grown accustomned to. and then it's really wonderful. the sheer act of making stories on paper, personal ones, personalities showing through words, pictures, colors...
and sorry if the colors appear radioactive... forgot to color on a laptop.
soundtrack: emerson, lake and palmer - trilogy


patricia said...

I just... entered cause I was talking with a friend about learning to draw comics... And here is the answer! So... today I will try it ok? But... the experience is always a great point. When we get to make something easily... sometimes think that anybody can do it as easy as you do but... well... you know

Congratulations. As always.

s said...

good one :)

Anonymous said...

Great. Simple, funny, graphic.