September 05, 2006

gotta get around and learn to draw someday...

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tiny portrait drawn before sleep.

kinda spaced last couple of days. didn't do much work, but rather read and reread hundreds of pages. all of the toth books i have, all photocopies of old scorchy smith dailies, batman year one (and year hundred), dardevil born again, city of glass, jar of fools, etc. saw a bunch of movies as well (attack on the precinct 13, manhattan, husbands and wives, god of cookery,...). back to work tonight, bought a new brush, that's always a treat.

soundtrack: black box recorder - lord lucan is missing


Maxetormer said...

I hate when I cant criticize other ppls stuff, ah well I guess you could pup
up the contrast in the image, but
since having a middle key might be your
original your intecion...
iv got nothing :P nice expresion!

miljenko said...

I can almost hear this drawing say: "Zonjic. Tonci Zonjic". :)))) Ha ha, great work, dude!