August 31, 2006

sleep less

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went to bed around ten, phone woke me up around midnight, and after that, no sleep. tired, but unable to sleep, doodled a bit in bed. i'll be travelling today, back to the city. hopefully i'll keep posting on a daily basis. anyway, here's a few things drawn around 4-5 am (mud mud mud!)
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soundtrack: sonic youth - rather ripped


nachodoodles said...

Hey man, I just watched an oooold open canvas .wpe of you and donk, which reminded me of checking your site. I find this blog every few months, and keep forgetting to come back. Probably because I don't see your name on CA forums any more.
Anyways, just wanted to say that the batman sketches are fantastic! Your style has changed so much over the years yet it's still instantly recognizable as your stuff..

I'm going to link you on my blog, if you don't mind..
Good to see that your still at this whole art-thingy ;D


tonci said...

heya! thanks. i'd dig up those wpe files and watch them, but i'd probably be horrified now =) it'd be nice to do a session nowadays...

link freely, i'll go take a look at your blog now.
cheers, t.

Maxetormer said...

Those batman ones are really good,
I just got my self a blog, as it
seems everybody has one now a days,
Ah well I just wanted to stop by to say
that your are big inspiration, and that
I look around here at least once a week
for updates so keep the doodles
coming :D