August 22, 2006


right now i feel like the crankiest man alive. got up at 4 in the morning today, couldn't continue sleeping even though i was damn tired. and whole day just tired and cranky, yet somehow i did more work than in the past three days together. first thing in the morning - inked some pages i had laying around unfinished. then did thumbnails, worked out a sequence for a comic, four pages figured out (it's one of those where i go from rought story to thumbs and write during and after that step). doodled. replied to all the mails. took a shower. and by then it was around noon. arg.

my little brother's b-day is the day after tomorrow (he's turning six), so i got the usual duty to draw the invitation cards. since i have two kid sisters as well, i do this three times a year and i've drawn my fair share of blue bears, turtles, etc. i inked most of this thing with a brush, think they'll notice?

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here's how it looks in color-
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all that aside, while drawing this i realized it's most likely the first time i ever drew a ninja turtle. actually i'm quite sure, and it's a bit surprising since i was a huge fan as a kid (who wasn't?)

soundtrack: the unicorns - tuff ghost

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